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School Community Update
 John Strycker — Superintendent
 May 23, 2017

    It's that time of year again when we celebrate the accomplishments of our students and High School Graduation.  As always, I ask that we all consider celebrating in a safe manner.

     As a young person, I didn't always consider the consequences of every action I took. Such consideration came with age and maturity. Class of 2017 - We love and care for you. Please be safe and think out all your action so we have great memory to cherish for years. Thank you.

    Please see press release below resulting from our Board of Education meeting this week


.Algonac Board Approves Teacher Contract, Projects to Restore Fund Balance

Members of the Algonac Board of Education met Monday night for their regular meeting.  Highlighting the meeting was the approval of the Teachers Association (AEA) Contract Reopener.  The agreement, with the teachers group, is estimated to reduce nearly $700,000 in expenditures for the district. This savings, along with anticipated state foundation increase, could result in restoring a Fund Balance of 5% next year.

“I am very pleased with a deal that could result in restoring our fund balance to 5%,” said Superintendent John Strycker. “It has been a team effort with out-of-the-box thinking from our Teachers Association and all employee groups.”

Strycker said he is most proud of the fact that the district now estimates $2.5 million to $3 million in reductions for the past three years while maintaining student programs.  In fact, the district has added programs in the last three years.

The new contract with the teachers includes elementary staff losing one prep period per week and the Jr./Sr. High School staff teaching during their prep period.  For this, the teachers will receive additional pay. 

The Board of Education also heard a Technology and Facility plan update along with a presentation from RESA administration regarding the RESA budget. 

Curriculum Director, Melissa Hanners, and district teachers presented to the Board regarding the curriculum alignment process, which included a recommendation for needed resources for next year. 

Action items for the month included the approval of the RESA budget, the RESA biennial election, a resolution setting a public hearing on the 2017-18 budget, the superintendent contract, administrative contracts and the purchase of a fridge and freezer for Algonquin Elementary School. 

Recognitions for the month included Algonac Jr./Sr. High senior Dakota Dunn and the district administration team.

“I am greatly appreciative of Dakota Dunn and his encouraging attitude in our school district,” said Strycker.

“I want to thank my administrative team for their dedication and loyalty to the school these past three years.  Through our team effort, much was accomplished .” 

Dr. Strycker can be contacted at jstrycker@acsk12.us or at the Board of Education Office (810) 794-9364.