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School Community Update
 John Strycker — Superintendent
 April 19, 2017

As I carefully crafted my final message before the very important upcoming Building & Site Sinking Fund vote on May 2, I couldn’t help but reflect back to the same concept I have expressed since I interviewed for my job.

During my second-round interview to become the next superintendent for Algonac Community Schools, I was given the opportunity to present my vision for the Algonac school community.  With students as our foundation, I expressed my core philosophy for what I feel students need: academic knowledge, life skills and a strong sense of community — family.

My philosophy is unchanged from my presentation to the Board in March, 2014. My decisions since being hired have reflected my philosophy.

In my decision-making process I ask myself, “What must be in place in order to provide high-quality academic instruction, life skills lessons, and a solid sense of community for our students?”

From my experience and understanding of our district, I felt we needed curriculum and program alignment, sound finances, and sound technology & facility resources for our students.

Our overall district plan hasn’t changed:  While it has been challenging, we have reduced our annual expenditures from the General Fund by about $1.5 million annually without reducing student programs.  In fact, we have added student programs.  We continue to align our curriculum, and provide new curriculum resources for our teachers and staff.  We also are very pleased with the implementation of The Leader in Me program to our K-6 students. This program teaches our students valuable life-skills from the time they begin school with us.  I also feel our school community has come together as a family in many ways such as the implementation of our food program for students or the many community fundraisers for students in the hospital.   

Regarding technology and facilities, we seek to provide the best education possible for our students. Up-to-date technology and sound facilities are an important part to meeting our educational goals. 

I encourage everyone in our school community to vote May 2 and consider the message above.  I understand we all want what is best for our children.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to access our website for information, or give me a call or visit.


Thank you,


Dr. Strycker can be contacted at jstrycker@acsk12.us or at the Board of Education Office (810) 794-9364.