On April 6th, all Algonac High School and Algonquin Middle School students took part in ‘Rachel’s Challenge,’ a program aimed at promoting high moral behavior and sustained acts of kindness.  After the main program, approximately 40 High School and 40 Middle School students were given specialized training in how to sustain the mission of the program in their school.  These students are actively establishing a F.O.R. (Friends of Rachel) club and hope to use the ‘momentum’ to maintain the positive messages of the program throughout the future.  The F.O.R. club has already begun promoting the ideals of ‘Rachel’s Challenge’ through drafting kindness cards, hanging promotional posters/messages throughout the school, and creating ‘goal statement platforms’ for all students to complete.  Algonac High School and Algonquin Middle School administration wishes to extend our gratitude to all who volunteered to assist in implementing the program,  and all of those community members who attended the powerful evening presentation.

The F.O.R. Club is actively seeking adult volunteers who would like to help our students spread the message of Rachel's Challenge.  Please contact Miechelle Landrum at mlandrum@acsk12.us or 810-794-4911 ext. 3264 if interested.

For More Information:  www.rachelschallenge.org

Rachels ChallengeRachels Challenge

Rachels ChallengeRachels Challenge