Ms. Blair's Biography

Ms. Blair is a graduate of Algonac High School, Western Michigan University and Wayne State University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in secondary education from WMU and a Masters of Education in Counseling from WSU. Ms. Blair taught English at Capac Jr./Sr. High School for nine years. She was a middle school counselor with Romeo Community Schools at Powell Middle School for three years. Ms. Blair has been a high school counselor with ACS since 2001. Ms. Blair lives in the community with her two daughters. 

(810) 794-4911 extension 1282

Services that are provided by a school counselor include:

  • Academic Planning
  • Post Secondary Planning
  • Academic Interventions
  • Student Advocacy
  • Parent Advocacy
  • Testing Services (PSAT, SAT, STAR Testing)
  • Peer Mediation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • 504 Planning
  • Military Liason
  • Transition Coordinator
  • Awards Coordinator
  • Local Scholarship Coordinator
  • Community Liason

The school counselor does not do long-term individual mental health counseling. Rather the school counselor refers students and parents to community agencies that specialize in that service.

Counseling Agencies

Is your student struggling?  Here are a few pointers for parents…

  1. Use your Skyward account.  Skyeard is a great way to see how your child’s grades are looking.  Grades are updated daily, so it is always a good idea to look at it everyday.  To sign up, bring a photo id  and your e-mail address into the AHS main office.
  2. Stay in contact with your students teachers.  Teacher’s e-mail addresses can be found at the Algonac High School website.  E-mail is a great tool because teachers can reply to e-mail’s through out the school day.  In many cases, you will get a quicker response if you use e-mail.  Teachers cannot make phone calls out of their classrooms so return phone calls usually have to wait until the teacher goes on prep. 
  3. The high school does not close its doors until 7 pm, and even later on nights when we have athletic events.  If your student is constantly telling you that he or she does not have homework, they are not being truthful.  Bring them up to the school and go through their locker.  We have had many a parent amazed at what they find when they go through their child’s locker. 
  4. Our teachers are willing to meet with your student before school and after school… your student just needs to ask.  Your student also has a 30-minute seminar every Tuesday and Thursday.  Students can use this time to meet with their teachers for extra help.  Student’s just need to prearrange this with their teachers. 
  5. A wealth of information can be found at the Algonac High School website. 
  6. While high school students like to be independent from their parents, it is still critical that you be an active participant in their education.  Take some time with them every night to look at their binders, papers and homework.  While you may not understand what they are doing in math class or science class, it shows that you care and are willing to help them out if they need it. 
There are a wealth of good websites that can help your student with their homework. Here are some:

Homework Help Websites


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