Sixth Grade Science 2017/18


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Marking Period #1  Energetic Connections 

Sixth graders deepen their understanding of energy in its multiple forms through investigations into kinetic and potential energy and begin to understand the scientific reasoning that energy is not created or destroyed.  Students explore changes in states of matter that mass is conserved during changes in states.  

Marking Period #2  The Planet Rock

The Planet Rock unit explores the rock cycle, weathering and glacier movement and leads to a study of soil and a comparision of soil ssamples.

Marking Period #3  Earth: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Sixth graders gain an understanding of the Earth's history and future through the study of plate tectonics and other major geoligical events. They build their knowledge from the unit, Planet Rock to include tectonic movement, layers of the Earth, and magnetic properties of the Earth, and how rocks, rock layers, and fossils tell the history of the Earth.

Marking Period #4  Energy in an Ecosystem

Students explore ecosystems with the relation to the energy flow in a balanced ecosystem and the role organisms play to maintain the balance.  They investigate patterns of relationships, predict changes in populations, and examine populations, communities and ecosystems to apply their knowledge to the Great Lake Region.

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