It was so wonderful to meet many of you at Open House last week!  I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your child.

*** Please remember to sign up with ClassMessenger for texts/emails from me (instead of sending paper copies).  You can go to and type in "Lucka 3rd grade '16-'17"  If you need another sheet with directions on how to sign up, please let me know! ***

*** If you are able to send in $3-4 for your child's supplies, I appreciate it! ***


Reading: Bring in examples of things you like to read.  Books, magazines, comics, news, etc

Math: Review 1.1 and 1.2 in GoMath


Helpful Websites: - If your child attended AES last year, they already have a log-in and password that they should know! - Helpful Math and Science activities!  Just click on the "3rd Grade Math" or "3rd Grade Science" links


Quick Links

Journeys (Reading) help - 

     Use login: wlucka

          password: 1234asdFG#

Go Math! Chapter 1 Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000

1.1 Number Patterns & Commutative Property of Addition

Video  Lesson 1.1

1.2 Rounding to the Nearest Ten or Hundred

Video Lesson 1.2

 1.3 Estimate Sums

Video Lesson 1.3

1.4 Mental Math Strategies for Addition

Video Lesson 1.4

1.5 Use Properties to Add

Video Lesson 1.5

1.6 Use the Break Apart Strategy to Add

Video Lesson 1.6

1.7 Use Place Value to Add

Video Lesson 1.7

1.8 Estimate Differences

Video Lesson 1.8

1.9 Mental Math Strategies for Subtraction

Video Lesson 1.9

2.1 Frequency Tables

Video Lesson 2.1

2.2 Picture Graph

Video Lesson 2.2

2.3 Make Picture Graphs

Video Lesson 2.3

2.4 Use Bar Graphs

Video Lesson 2.4

2.5 Make Bar Graphs

Video Lesson 2.5

2.6 Solve Problems Using Data

Video Lesson 2.6

3.1 Count Equal Groups

Video Lesson 3.1

3.2 Algebra - Relate Addition and Multiplication

Video Lesson 3.2