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You will find useful links listed to the right for language and learning at home as well as speech/language development.  I have also listed tips to help your child's speech and language development.

  • Be a good speech model for your child.  Use proper sentences.  Don’t use baby talk.  It’s ok to correct your child when they make a mistake.  Have him/her imitate the correct sound or sentence.  Practice helps reinforce correct speech.
  • Pronounce words clearly, slowly and correctly for your child to hear and imitate.
  • Make sure your child is looking at you when you are both talking.
  • Let your child watch your face, lips and, tongue as you form sounds and words prolonging the speech sound your child has difficulty with.  (Example: “Where is the ssssssock?”)
  • Praise your child when the sounds are correct, especially if the sounds have previously been difficult for the child.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and/or concerns by sending me an email: or calling at 810-794-4991 x1406 or 586-725-7991 x 3501.

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